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Frequently asked questions

Which cameras do you cover?

All of our courses are written for Canon users, by Canon users. You can find camera-specific courses for the latest mirrorless and DSLR models, plus other courses you'll find useful as a Canon photographer, such as photo techniques and software.

Can I download the videos?

Because of the size of the video lessons, these are accessible via the learning platform for streaming only. The good news is that you can login to the platform from any device to watch your course, and your progress is saved as you go.

How long do I have to complete my course once enrolled?

As long as it takes... you have lifetime access to your online course once purchased. However, we recommend that you set some time aside each week to learn, as this is how you develop your skills and improve your photography. The more you put in, the more you get out. Plus, you can revisit any lesson at any time if you need to refresh your memory.

What will I learn?

Courses are designed to be stand-alone, so everything you need to know is contained in that one course. It's important that you watch each element of the course in the order it's presented – this way you will build your knowledge as your tutor intended and you'll get the most out of the lessons.

What you say about EOS Academy

"This [DPP] course is very informative and  very long and involved, so I watched it from beginning to end in one long session. I find this is a good way to get a feel for it. When finished you can see the total index to browse at your leisure and keep as a reference. Previously I bought  the one on The Canon R7 and would recommend both to help master a very involved subject."
"Very useful for finding things that you didn’t know (but thought you did) lots of useful information and pointers to get better use from your camera."
"A well explained and easy to follow tutorial on all aspects of the R6 Mark II camera. Highly Recommended"
MArk S.
"Provides a great grounding in coming to terms with a classic camera which remains current despite being superseded by the mirror less generation. As also a mirror less user the ergonomics, design and functionality of the 5D Mark 4 is still a good choice. This course assists you in harnessing its potential to create with confidence."
"At last online camera specific courses. The course is very informative and guides you through step by step, cam feature by feature. This course has already given me a head start and lessen the learning curve. Another big plus is that you always have the video for future reference."
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